News and reports from the Middle East.

Deadly Attack Against Peaceful Christian Demonstrators in Cairo-Egypt

Over the past thirty years more than four hundred innocent Christians have been killed in cold blood with repeated government failures to prosecute the perpetrators and apply the rule of law.

Major global security summit wraps up

The 6th IISS Regional Security Summit, The Manama Dialogue has successfully concluded after three days of policy addresses and bilateral meetings between senior government, parliamentary, and other distinguished delegates.

Senior government ministers to headline Security Summit

The International Institute for Strategic Studies has announced the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait will open its Regional Security Summit in Bahrain.

Iraq: Importing the perfect date

What has Iraq got that the US doesn’t? The world’s most coveted dates. Two men are fighting to export them...

Iran oil bourse 'won't undermine US instruments'

Plans for a commodity exchange for oil trading in Iran won't undermine the dollar’s supremacy in the oil markets, its architect says...

Iraq’s refugees followed out by their liberators

First the purge, then the surge, now the urge - to withdraw…

Iraq crisis has made two million refugees

UN appeals for £30m in emergency aid as Iraqi refugee crisis escalates. Syria and Jordan struggle to cope as thousands enter...

Journalist deaths reach record high in 2006

Violence in Iraq claimed the lives of 32 journalists in 2006, the deadliest year for media workers in a single country ever...

Sleepless in Beirut: A resident's perspective

A journalist and resident of burning Beirut gives her account of life in the previously promising metropolis-turned-warzone as the bombs rain down...

Images of War: Lebanon in pictures

An array of startling pictures from freelancers on the frontline and surrounding areas of the conflict in Lebanon...


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