News and reports from the Middle East.

Launch of “Filling the Empty Quarter” Environmental Initiative

An environmentalist from the UAE is proposing to fill the Empty Quarter desert,which has been empty for thousands of years, “with greenery and environmentally friendly projects”. 

British-Iranian Artist honoured at Edge of Arabia Gallery, Battersea, London

Champagne reception to honour Darvish Fakhr’s solo exhibit at EOAGallery, Battersea. Wednesday Oct 15th 11.30-13.00. The show, Palimpsest, runs from 4th September until 8th November 2014.

العالم يشهد طرح أول تطبيق رمضاني تحت اسم "رمضان فون"

(Carib Publishing ) اليوم عن طرح أول تطبيق هاتفي في العالم تحت اسم "رمضان فون"، وهو تطبيق بتقنية حاصلة على براءة اختراع تتيح للمسلمين في مختلف أنحاء العالم الانغماس في تجربة هاتفية أولى من نوعها خلال شهر رمضان الفضيل.

THE TORCH DOHA launches Wellness Healthy Food Initiative in collaboration with ASPETAR

THE TORCH DOHA, member of Leading Hotels of the World has recently launched the TORCH Wellness Initiative in collaboration with ASPETAR.

يطلق فندقالشعلة الدوحة قائمة طعام صحية بالتعاون مع أخصائيي ن التغذية من سبيتار

الدوحة – قطر ( 11   يونيو  2014) يعلن فندق - الشعلة  (ذا تورتش) وهو عضو اتحاد الفنادق العالمية الرائدة Leading Hotels of the World عن إطلاق قائمة طعام صحية تسمى بمبادرة العافية بالتعاون مع أخصائيين التغذية منسبيتار. هذه القائمة متاحة في مطاعم وصالات الفندق.

William Hanna publishes Hiramic Brotherhood of the Third Temple

Author William Hanna's first book, Hiramic Brotherhood of the Third Temple, condemns without compromise Apartheid Israel's persistent criminal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people and its imperious violation of international law...

More women expected to launch a new business in the UAE this year

The number of women entrepreneurs is expected to grow this year, as conditions for starting up a business in the UAE improve.

Deadly Attack Against Peaceful Christian Demonstrators in Cairo-Egypt

Over the past thirty years more than four hundred innocent Christians have been killed in cold blood with repeated government failures to prosecute the perpetrators and apply the rule of law.

Major global security summit wraps up

The 6th IISS Regional Security Summit, The Manama Dialogue has successfully concluded after three days of policy addresses and bilateral meetings between senior government, parliamentary, and other distinguished delegates.

Senior government ministers to headline Security Summit

The International Institute for Strategic Studies has announced the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait will open its Regional Security Summit in Bahrain.


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