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Sam Millar talks movies and motives

Sean Penn has been linked with the lead role in the film version of On The Brinks, the memoir written by best-selling author Sam Millar...

Who's up for Hollywood's highest honors?

The all-important Oscars 2006 are upon us, so read our definitive guide to what's hot a what's not before the 78th annual Academy Awards...

Movie encounters of the romantic kind

Opt-out of Christmas television with our selection of the best movies to woo to in our top 10 romantic films guide...

Team America: Policing the world

Team America: World Police - out on DVD - isn’t just another run-of-the-mill Hollywood flick, it’s a breath of fresh air and hilarious to boot…

Hollywood finds production paradise in Romania

With its rock-bottom prices, spectacular scenery and mesmerising medieval villages, US movie producers are flocking to make movies in Romania…

What exactly am I, Robot?

Just what is Hollywood’s problem with artificial intelligence? One reporter investigates why filmakers are so sceptical about our future alongside technology…

Fahrenheit 9/11: Disney's loss, Democrats' gain

Michael Moore’s latest documentary shoots fish in a barrel. It’s just a pity the big fry escape through the holes in the bottom…

Matrix 3: No real Revolution

Did the Matrix's grand finale have any revolutionary surprises after all? Technically brilliant, the much-hyped movie fails to deliver on plot and substance.

The Italian Job is best British film

Just as the re-make arrives, the original Italian Job has been voted the best British film of all time.

New Batman is Bateman

The long search for a new actor to play Batman in the next feature film about the caped crusader is finally over.


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