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New dating app lets singles send 'virtual drinks' at the bar

Sending a girl a drink at the bar is a complicated process: identifying the girl, ordering the drink and paying the barman. But now purveyors of smooth flirting can do it all on their mobile phones with dating app StreetSpark...

Sir Robert Fulton K.B.E appointed CEO of FW de Klerk’s Global Leadership Foundation

Sir Robert Fulton K.B.E has been appointed to the new position of Chief Executive of The Global Leadership Foundation (GLF). A former Commandant General of the Royal Marines, he was until recently Governor of Gibraltar. He takes up his position on 1 July.

Muvizu brings CGI filmmaking to the masses

A free, cutting-edge 3D movie-making application is allowing would-be directors to create their own professional-looking animated masterpieces in minutes...

C-Media launches clear sound quality booster and web radio at Computex 2010

C-Media Electronics Inc. (OTC: 6237), the worldwide leader in PC audio development, has launched four new audio technologies designed to energise users’ audio experiences, and bring premium quality sound to PCs, Macs, and mobile phones.

IBTimes launches CFD trading centre for UK

IBTimes has launched an independent trading centre for CFD (Contract for Difference) traders.

Trailblazing divorce law firm becomes 'Vardags'

Ayesha Vardag Solicitors has incorporated and become Vardags in the wake of a string of high-profile wins for clients and rapid growth...

Anjool Maldé: A year on, Posthumous MA and Memorial Awards

Anjool “Jools” Maldé is to be awarded a posthumous MA in Geography on 22 May from his former College at Oxford University, which will also host a memorial tea for him after the ceremony...

Business school symposium sees academics debate institutional social partnerships

Leading academics have discussed at Brunel Business School how to re-design social partnerships as global institutions while contributing to the global social good by delivering policies, programmes and impacts and encouraging the collaboration between institutions and citizens...

T-post honours real-life superheroes with good deed contest

T-post releases t-shirt Issue 54 'I am Shining Star', a superhero-inspired graphic tee that's designed to awaken our inner superhero...

New Boutique Hotel for Lucca, Tuscany in Italy

‘Albergo Villa Casanova’ is the result of substantial refurbishment and ideally situated for the regions’ numerous festivals...


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