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The dark side of the hottest summer in a century: ‘The high rate of skin cancer among outdoor workers can be expected to increase still further’

The sun is one of the most dangerous carcinogens, yet people who work outdoors are inadequately protected. Since 2014, data on the UV exposure of outdoor workers (such as farmers, road workers, seasonal harvest workers, building workers, roofers, etc.) have been collected in Germany as part of the GENESIS-UV project – with alarming results.

ECHT-EVAL 2018 – the German project implementing the WHO ‘Global Report on Psoriasis’

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-communicable skin disease characterized by bright, silvery-white scales on reddened (inflamed) patches of skin, mainly on the arms and legs, the scalp, but also on many other areas of the body, including the genitals.

HPV VACCINATION: Why does the door to a splendid future still remain closed?

HPV genital infections are the most frequent sexually transmitted infections of viral origin and definitely represent a global burden with significant oncogenic potential. HPV infection causes external genital warts, and some HPV types are strongly associated with cancer or precancerous lesions. HPV induced cancers are mostly (but not only!) those of the ano-genital region, such as cervical, anal, vulvar, penile cancer, etc., but the cancers of the mouth and/or throat are also included.

Caffeine consumption might extend life expectancy in CKD patients

A study, which has been published in NDT [1] today shows that caffeine consumption is associated with a lower mortality rate in CKD patients. This relationship has already been observed in the general population. Although this study shows that this association may persist if caffeine is consumed through caffeine-containing soft drinks, the president of the European Renal Nutrition Working Group, Professor Denis Fouque, recommends CKD patients not to consume these soft drinks, but to drink coffee or tea instead.

Revealed: The weirdest belongings left in repossessed cars

Independent car auction specialist G3 Remarketing has revealed the unlikeliest possessions found in cars for resale. In the run-up to its 10th year in business, it has published a list of its 10 weirdest finds.

Fabletics, cofondé par Kate Hudson, célèbre son cinquième anniversaire et établit sa prochaine phase de croissance

TechStyle Fashion Group, leader dans l’industrie de l’habillement et de la chaussure et connu pour ses marques internationales de mode, célèbre le cinquième anniversaire de Fabletics, marque innovante de vêtements de sport cofondée par Kate Hudson. Cinq ans après ses débuts, Fabletics, qui ne montre aucun signe de ralentissement de son développement, annonce sa prochaine phase d’expansion internationale, de nouvelles arrivées au sein de sa direction et une stratégie de croissance ambitieuse.

La marca Fabletics de Kate Hudson celebra cinco años y establece el curso para la próxima fase de crecimiento

TechStyle Fashion Group, empresa líder en el sector de ropa y calzado conocida por su plataforma propia para crear marcas de moda globales, celebra el quinto aniversario de Fabletics, la innovadora marca de ropa deportiva cofundada por Kate Hudson. Cinco años después de su lanzamiento, Fabletics no muestra signos de desaceleración, ya que anuncia la próxima fase de expansión minorista e internacional, colecciones mejoradas, nuevas incorporaciones al equipo de liderazgo y una visión agresiva para el crecimiento.

Kate Hudsons Fabletics feiert sein fünfjähriges Jubiläum und bereitet sich auf den nächsten Wachstumsschub vor

TechStyle Fashion Group, ein branchenführendes Bekleidungs- und Schuhunternehmen, das für seine innovative Plattform zum Aufbau globaler Modemarken bekannt ist, feiert das fünfjährige Jubiläum von Fabletics, seiner von Kate Hudson mitbegründeten Marke für Sportbekleidung. Auch fünf Jahre nach seinem Debüt zeigt Fabletics keine Anzeichen einer Stagnation; erst heute hat die Marke die nächste Phase von internationaler Expansion mit erweiterten Kollektionen, Neuzugängen im Führungsteam und einer progressiveren Vision für künftiges Wachstum angekündigt. 

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Celebrates Five Years and Sets Course for Next Phase of Growth

TechStyle Fashion Group, an industry-leading apparel and footwear company known for its proprietary platform to build global fashion brands, is celebrating the five-year anniversary of Fabletics, the innovative activewear brand co-founded by Kate Hudson. Five years since making its debut, Fabletics shows no signs of slowing down as it announces the next phase of retail and international expansion, enhanced collections, new additions to the leadership team and an aggressive vision for growth.


A cantora e compositora britânica-kosovar, Dua Lipa, colaborou com a Jaguar para criar música de uma forma totalmente nova. Através de um software personalizado projetado pela Jaguar, criou uma mistura exclusiva do seu último hit, 'Want to', incentivando os seus fãs de todo o mundo a criarem músicas personalizadas usando sua própria inspiração - desde o seu estilo de condução, às músicas que ouvem e gostam mais ou nos toques dos seus smartphones.


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