News and reports from Europe.

Face-to-face with Pope John-Paul II

Some cried, some fainted, and almost everyone was hysterical, but what did an unexpected viewing of the Pope mean to a non-believer?

Pope John-Paul II passes away

Pope John-Paul II, the Polish pontiff who led the Roman Catholic Church for more than 26 years, has died aged 84…

Demolition begins after Barcelona tunnel disaster

Demolition work finally begins following Barcelona’s Carmel underground construction disaster, which left thousands of residents homeless…

Stores tighten up in midst of Sudan 1 crisis

The Food Standards Agency has warned retailers that they will face prosecution if they fail to ensure their products are free of the Sudan 1 food dye…

Foreign nurses are here to stay

The UK is not producing enough nurses to meet demand, so it's importing trained foreigners… with mixed results.

New Irish newspaper draws fire

The tough Irish newspaper market has been flung into turmoil with the launch of newcomer, the Daily Ireland…

Pain for pregnant workers avoidable

The number of women leaving work each year over pregnancy discrimination could be dramatically reduced, a leading health and safety company says.

Businesses that fail disabled ‘risk legal woes’

Changes to the law that protects disabled people in Britain from discrimination could mean a raft of legal challenges for businesses this year…

Binge drinking is Britain's shame

The UK’s binge drinking culture continues into 2005 with no real solution in sight…

Outrage over Dublin congestion charge

Plans to introduce a congestion charge into Dublin city have caused outrage in the Irish capital…


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