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Frank Lampard split, top divorce lawyer comments

Top London matrimonial lawyer Ayesha Vardag comments on reports that Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard’s ex-fiance Elen Rivesmay may be entitled to up to half of his £23m fortune, despite not being married to him.

Don’t be a love fool on Valentine’s Day, get a Pre-nup, says top lawyer

Cupid’s bow and arrow should be replaced with a pre-nuptial agreement and a pen this Valentine’s Day, says top London divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag.

Top traders to teach Manchester how to prosper from the downturn

Anyone who thinks the recession only has a downside would do well to attend top trader Nick McDonald’s free FX seminar on Monday, where he will outline why the time is now to make money from the global currencies market.

Health and safety master class offered to all UK businesses

Leading Health & Safety compliance firm Winter & Company is offering workshops to all British businesses to bring them up to date with new and revised legislation and avoid litigation by their staff and enforcing agencies.

Top traders deal live, put their money where their mouths are

Some of the best traders in the world will put their own money and reputations on the line by trading live for all to see at the Trading Symposium ( in London on Friday 30 January…

Expert reveals how to be a real-life 'Million Dollar Trader'

A forthcoming seminar series in London shows would-be City supremos how to become successful traders from home on their own terms...

Plummeting Pound means prize profits for independent FX traders

The steadily falling value of the British Pound alongside the rise of rival currencies represents an unprecedented opportunity for home FX traders to profit, expert Nick McDonald says...

Stones Ronnie Wood in biggest ever UK divorce?

Reports are flying that the wife of the Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood is consulting divorce lawyers in what could be one of the biggest UK divorces ever...

Divorce lawyers are a girl's best friend when it comes to pets

A couple’s animals could become the next battleground in expensive divorce cases after a British court ordered a banker to pay £50,000 a year in maintenance for his ex-wife's horses.

UK credit crisis rattles '15 million workers', survey says, the professional social networking site, has unveiled the results of the first national survey of workplace and employee attitudes since the credit crunch hit.


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