News and reports from North, Central and South America.

What happened to good tomatoes?

You say tomato, I say tomahto. But most of us agree, if you buy them at the store, they aren’t very good...

Real estate double agents represent buyer and seller

Real estate dual agents can face conflicting loyalties and ethical dilemmas. But there are steps buyers and sellers can take to protect themselves...

More than coffee: Lacing brews with fair trade politics

Coffee cafes are spearheading the fair trade movement to improve working conditions for coffee harvesters in developing countries...

Birdwatchers report sick finches to combat avian flu

Volunteer birdwatchers, dubbed “citizen-scientists,” are helping researchers monitor a novel pathogen in the common house finch which may provide insights into avian influenza...

Jump in Latinas seeking cosmetic surgery

Latinas accounted for 920,000 cosmetic procedures last year in the US, the most of any ethnic minority. Are they trying to become more beautiful, or erase their heritage?

Shortnose sturgeon makes a comeback

More than a century ago, the shortnose sturgeon was fished to near extinction by fishermen who sought it for caviar. But the future of this ancient fish now appears to be looking up...

Daniel Negreanu: A poker legend

He’s one of the all-time poker greats with over $10 million in earnings and two WPT titles to his name, here are some words from the man himself...

Are house prices in the US falling?

Interest rates are going back up, so what will it mean for people who have bought property or are looking to get their first foot on the ladder?

New Orleans: A Mardis Gras Diary

A British student who became a correspondent as New Orleans was ravaged by floods finds Mardis Gras in the jazz capital is on form...

No Energy in American Energy 'Plan'

Dr. Hermann Scheer spoke these prophetic words at the Renewables Expo in Denver, Colorado in August of 2004: “It’s time for a general shift to renewable energies,” Sheer emphasized.


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